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Tef Tech PTFE Coating is a Chennai based solution provider who is gradually strengthening its position as a leader in coating industry. We are experts in a wide variety of coating solutions such as PTFE/Teflon/ PFA/ FEP/ Xylan, ECTFE/ HALAR/PVDF Coating, etc. We believe in providing outstanding quality coatings and value to our customers through ecology focused processes, services and systems for surface treatment of metals and other substrates.

We offer coatings that help in providing solutions for wear, corrosion, lubricity and release applications. We have gained a reputation of being a multifaceted coater providing consistent quality, satisfying service, efficient production, competitive pricing and on-time delivery. Regardless of industry, part dimension, quantity, specification requirement or customer type, we offer engineered solutions for your coating, assembly and packaging needs. Since beginning, we cater to various needs of diverse kinds industries such as textiles, automotive, chemical, commercial bakeware, computer, electronic, food processing, furniture, medial, petrochemical, photocopy, wood applications and various others applications.

Our Competitive Edge

Since beginning, we have consistently strived to provide innovative coating solutions, considering various parameters such as applicability, impact on environment, value for money. Our experience in this industry for over one and half decades has provided us exposure to handle various problems, which has resulted into innovative solutions. Because of all the hardwork, business ethics and quality coating, we have a respectable position in the coating industry.

PTFE Coating

We provide different types of PTFE Coating service including:
• Commercial PTFE Coating service
• Plastic Coating Service
• PTFE Powder Coating service, in India.

All the coating services are made available as per the application surface and requirements of the clients. Our used products and rendered services are excellent in terms of quality, longevity, and superior performance. The coating products and services are available at competitive rates.

Our coating application involves in
• Textile Rollers

• Forming Roller (blister roller) used in formaceutical industries

• Copier Roller

• Atmospheric Corrosion Applications

• Tyre Retreading Moulds

• Plastic Sealers

• Plastic Welding Plates

• Industrial Valves

• Chemical Blowers

• Pipelines

• Tanks

• Storage Containers

• Heat Exchangers

• Plunger Pins

• Boat Propellers

• Chemical Impellers

• Industrial Chemical Heaters

• Vessels

• For Heat Exchanger Tubes

• Moulds

• Dough Moulds

• Appalam forming Rollers, Moulds

• Finned Tubes

Xylan Coating

Tef Tech PTFE Coating imparts Xylan Coating Service, while maintaining excellent work & product standard. Our offered coating solutions also comprise of:
• Industrial Xylan Coating Service
• Xylan Powder Coating Service
• Industrial Xylan Powder Coating, in India.

The products and equipments used in carrying out the coating process are of high quality and advanced technology. We make sure to meet customer requirements and provide the solutions at cost effective price range.

Our coating application involves in
for offshore applications
• bolts

• tuds

• nuts

• washers

• clamps

• desalination plant parts

• flats

• M.S.angles

• M.S.channels

• for bolts

• nuts

• studs

• washers

• M.S.structures like channels, angles, roof top surfaces for atmospheric corrosion protection.

• M.S.clamps

• storage containers

• pistons

• dry bushes

• dry lubrication applications

• actuators

• cylinders

• blades
Packaging Machinery Part

We provide different types of Packaging Machinery Part Supplier, including Food Packaging Machinery Part, Food Machinery Part Dealer, Industrial Packaging Machinery Part, in India.

These machinery parts have been manufactured using commendable quality materials and components and have been made using advanced technology & techniques.
We provide these machine parts as per the requisites of the clients in various technical attributes, meeting distinctive machineries. The parts are available at leading prices in the market.

Our coating application involves in
bread moulds
biscuit forming rollers
chocolate moulds
appalam moulds, sealers
conveyor rollers, plates
dough machine moulds
bobble gum machines
pharmaceutical machines parts
pizza making moulds
hot plates
sole plates
SS chutes
form fill sealers
sealing jaws
thermo forming machine plates
heater plates
heater rollers
Teflon Coating

We also hold expertise in providing Teflon Coating Service, India, and have experts for carrying out the task. Our offered range of coating solutions comprise of Industrial Teflon Coating Service, Teflon Protective Coating Service, etc.
We provide Teflon Coating Solution Provider, India, and ensure that client demands are met effectively and accurately. Our offered range of solutions is been appreciated so far and are available at leading rates.

Our coating application involves in
• M.S.slim plates

• plates and pins for chemical resistance and release applications

• actuators

• SS 'o' rings

• lock mechanism

• hinges

• trunk assembly rivets

• bushings

• tie rod

• paint line hooks

• air conditioner pistons

• clips

• springs and hose clamps

• fuel pump cam rings

• solenoid plungers

• aluminium sealing nozzles

• seat fastening buckle plates
Teflon Coating For Chemical Industries

We, at Tefttech also provide Teflon Coating Solution in Chennai, India. We render our clients with finest product and excellent services with the help of expert professionals.
Our range of solutions comprise of Teflon Chemical Resistant Coating, Industrial Teflon Coating Solution, and Teflon Protective Coating Solution.

The coating services are performed as per the requirements of the customers and, made available at competitive prices.

Our coating application involves in
• chemical pumps

• valves

• m.s.flanges

• balls used in valves

• pipes, bends

• heat exchangers

• diaphragms

• transducers

• thermowells

• sensors

• heaters used in contact with chemicals

• chemical blowers

• fasteners

• vessels

Contact Us:
Contact Person: Mr. ANS Subhash Chandar
Address: 27, Tass Industrial Estate, Ambattur
City: Chennai-600098
State: Tamil Nadu (India)
Phone: 044-42189444
Fax: 044-42077726
Mobile: 9840017425

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